New Product – Outdoor LNA/ LNB/ BUC 1+1 & 2+1 Redundancy Control Unit.

The new RCU50Rseries 1+1 and 2+1 LNB/ LNA/ BUC Outdoor Redundancy Control & Switching Unit from Peak Communications offers a flexible and cost effective redundancy switch solution, minimising capex through reduced cross-site control and drive cable costs whilst improving electromagnetic antenna isolation.

The unit is compatible with most makes of BUC/ LNA/ LNB and waveguide switch items, so is ideal for legacy systems, alternatively for new installations Peak are happy to source these from most popular manufacturers.

Switching units are controlled directly via Ethernet with embedded web-page and SNMP support, rack mounted control panels can also be provided.

DC power is provided for the BUC/ LNA/ LNB units whilst current is monitored to establish correct operation and trigger automatic switch-over to the standby/ off-line unit as necessary. User settable current alarm levels are provided.

Tell-backs from waveguide switches are monitored to ensure correct positioning and operation. Reference generation, automatic external reference locking or ‘pass-through can be provided for BUC/ LNB units.

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