New product release – 2:1 redundancy switching for third party products

Adding to our current range of redundancy switch units, Peak Communications has recently released a rack mounted 2:1 redundancy switch designed to operate with third party Modulators, UpConverters, IRD’s, DownConverters, Antenna feeds etc., maintaining maximum availability whilst allowing routine maintenance and repair work to be carried out on the standby unit without the normally associated down-time.
They include latching switches which maintain the RF path configuration in the event of a power failure, rather than pin diode switches which are common in lower grade designs.

The RCUH021 series maintains one unit ‘on-line’ whilst the other is held in hot ‘standby’, allowing the user to select the on-line unit. In AUTO mode, the unit monitors the unit alarm signals and if a fault condition develops within the on-line unit, automatically switches traffic to the standby unit.
Optional RF input power detection along with user settable threshold levels provides further enhancements and ultimate system versatility.

The redundancy unit is ideal for unmanned facilities and can be controlled from the front panel user interface (local mode) or remotely via the RS232/ 485 or optional Ethernet link to a host computer (remote mode).


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