SDR7000 Series – Software Defined Radio (SDR) Development Platform

This is an example of Peaks abilities and willingness to support customers with development requirements, reducing the workload on the customers R&D team, allowing their time to be dedicated to the SDR coding platform.

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The SDR7000 series integrates a 3rd party SDR development kit along with support RF componentry into a 1RU chassis, providing a full user interface, remote control, power supplies etc.
The unit provides a vehicle for use during in-house Alpha testing, through customer Beta testing and as deliverables against early production phases of the project. Finally, higher quantity, application specific production designs can be customised and costs reduced in order to achieve commercial targets.
The SDR7000 series provide easy to use and comprehensive configuration & control features, fault monitoring protection, safe-start routines, multiple interface options and an in-built high stability reference facility. It incorporates a graphics display module, membrane keyboard and features a clear and intuitive control and configuration menu, fully utilising the unique graphics display.

Peak Features

  • Compact; 1RU solution including dedicated and monitored power supplies for the chosen development kit.
  • Integral 40MHz high stability OCXO with external reference.
  • Chassis locations for ZC706 development kit and ADI FCOMMS5.
  • 1pps buffer circuitry.
  • All USB connections to rear panel including UART and JTAG.
  • Flexible application specific RF circuitry available.
  • Ethernet connections to both chassis processor and development kit.