Peak Communications has a dedicated sales and engineering team that strives to supply it’s customers with the best possible pre and post-sales support. Our appointed representatives are also available to provide in-territory support, as required.

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Returning products to Peak Communications

If you think you have a problem with a Peak unit, firstly contact us either directly or via the distribution chain.
It is essential at this stage to provide an accurate description of the problem including unit type and serial number.

Please ensure you detail:
Exactly how the problem occurred, specifically including the status display detail on any front panel LCD. If you think the product is at fault, but that it indicates a ‘condition OK’ status, please explain why you suspect the product.
Were there any other circumstances which preceded or accompanied the fault occurrence?
Unit connection/ configuration; a diagram of the system (or photo/ video) may be useful, and may help us to offer accurate advice and ultimately resolve the fault quickly.

Return Procedure / RMA

In order to return a unit directly to Peak Communication for repair or service you will require a Return Material Authorisation (RMA) number (representatives will obtain this for you). Returned goods are not accepted without an RMA number. If you wish to contact Peak Communication directly for an RMA number, please call +44 (0)1484 714200, e-mail support@peakcom.co.uk, or use the ‘get in touch’ contact point (see right).

If you have purchased from a representative, please contact them to arrange the return of the equipment. A complete list including contact details is provided on the ‘Representatives’ page of this web-site.
Please ensure you have the product type and SERIAL NUMBER available. An RMA number cannot be provided without this information.

RMA request form (223K)

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