New Feature – Fixed & Variable L-Band & IF(70/140MHz) Slope Equalisation.

The addition of a user settable variable slope equalisation facility as an alternative to the existing fixed slope equalisation facility on the Peak range of line amplifier, block converters and variable gain equipment.

The addition of this facility provides flexibility for customers who require slope equalisation within their IF/RF products to compensate for external cross-site cables or other traditionally ‘frequency variable’ elements of the system, but whom prefer (or are unable) to specify the level of slope compensation at the time of order placement.

The variable slope compensation facility offers a high level of RF performance, specifically with exceptional linearity and a wide adjustment range, easing the system integration/ commissioning task & future-proofing by allowing for the flexibility of ‘system upgrade’ adjustments.

Slope compensation can currently be performed at either IF (70/140MHz) or L-Band and is accessible via either the front panel user interface or remote control.

Slope variable video