New Product Feature – Comparison Mode, Satcom UpLink Power Controller (AUPC).

As an additional feature to the now industry standard Peak AUPC system, for more demanding applications, Peak are now able to offer comparison mode rain fade compensation as well as the standard open-loop mode (which relies on the beacon downlink signal strength from the spacecraft and a ratio calculation to derive UpLink compensation).
The comparison mode requires both a traditional beacon signal plus a transmitted CW ‘pilot’ signal typically generated from within the AUPC unit, the ‘CW’ pilot signal is passed through the uplink chain and received at the same antenna. This provides the AUPC unit with both up & downlink fade information from which the true UpLink power fade can be determined without the need for empirical ratio settings. For comparison mode an additional beacon receiver is required for the second signal (see Peak PTR50 ‘CW’ beacon receiver).