New Product Introduction – Alarm Monitoring Unit.

The AMU6000 series provides users with a convenient method to monitor status of environmental sensors and dry contact alarms on collocated equipment.
The comprehensive configuration & control features allow inputs to control output functions on any of the 6 multifunction connections & the naming menus allow real world labelling for ease of use.
Available with fault monitoring protection & Ethernet connectivity for status monitoring of the connected interfaces.

Peak Features;

  • Compact; 1RU solution including redundant, monitored power supplies
  • Internally pulled up inputs (5VDC tolerant) – 36off
  • Internally pulled down inputs (5VDC tolerant) – 12off
  • 24V loop powered environment sensor (4 to 20mA) circuits – 12off
  • N/O switched high current output controls – 6off
  • N/O switched low current output controls – 6off
  • Switched 24VDC 0.5A outputs – 6off
  • Embedded 1+1 full chassis redundancy control, used with A1000 series external chassis switch
  • Ethernet connection as standard
  • Custom configurations available