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UpLink Power Controllers

Automatic UpLink power control units (AUPC’s) from Peak Communications measure the ‘link loss’ from a satellite beacon signal and subsequently automatically control the UpLink power via a number of adjustable IF or L-Band channels. The system can operate in ‘open-loop mode’ based on a single beacon signal, or in the slightly more accurate ‘comparison mode’ when a beacon signal plus a looped-back carrier or pilot signal is available.

The beacon receiver can either be a separate external unit providing a DC signal to the UPC unit, or the UPC unit can be supplied with an optional internal beacon receiver with L-band or SHF input options. Up to 4off UpLink compensation channels can be provided in only 1RU of rack space, or for field expandability the EXP010 modular card-guide system is offered providing compensation for to 10off UpLink channels.

UPC7000 series: Automatic uplink power control unit.DownloadDownload
EXP010: 10-channel expansion unit for use with the UPC7000 AUPC.DownloadDownload