Brighouse, West Yorkshire, UK

Agile Frequency Converters

Convert signals from baseband ‘IF’ 70/140MHz to/from the transmit/receive bands. Typically the signal useable bandwidth is stated as ±18MHz or ±36MHz, to match standard satellite transponder bandwidths.

Peak agile converters use a fully synthesised topology allowing the frequency to be set to 1Hz, so are suitable for all general frequency conversion as well as more critical Geolocation applications.

All agile converters from Peak include an L-Band interface that provides flexibility in use, especially for sites with mixed IF/L-Band infrastructure.

Datasheets & Manuals

P7000: Up & down converter.L-BandDownloadDownload
P7000i: Up & down converter.L-BandDownloadDownload
P7001: Down converter.L-BandDownloadDownload
P7001D: Down converter, dual channel.L-BandDownloadDownload
P7001Q: Down converter, quad channel.L-BandDownloadDownload
P7002: Up converter.L-BandDownloadDownload
P7002D: Dual channel up converter.L-BandDownloadDownload
P7020: Up & down converter.S-BandDownloadDownload
P7021 series: Down converters.S-BandDownloadDownload
P7022 series: Up converters.S-BandDownloadDownload
P7003 series: Down converters.C-BandDownloadDownload
P7006 series: Up converters.C-BandDownloadDownload
P7007: Down converters.X-BandDownloadDownload
P7008: Up converters.X-BandDownloadDownload
P7013 series: Up converters.Ku-BandDownloadDownload
P7113: Up & down converter.Ku-Band up & L-Band downDownloadDownload
P7010/11/12 series: Down converters.Ku-BandDownloadDownload
P7025 series: Down converters.Full Ku-BandDownloadDownload
P7035 series: Down convertersFull Ku-BandDownload
P7018 series: Up converters.DBS-BandDownloadDownload
P7600 series: Up converters.Multi-BandDownload
P7001R: Down converter.L-BandDownloadDownload
P7002R: Up converter.L-BandDownloadDownload
P7021R series: Down converters.S-BandDownloadDownload
P7022R series: Up convertersS-BandDownloadDownload